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We are here to support your mental health journey

Individual Therapy

Gain new skills and insights to turn your challenging moments into growth and learn how to move forward again. Meet 1:1 with someone you can trust through video or in person sessions.

Child and Family Therapy

Explore and learn about the needs of each person in a family system. Learn to replace old routines, beliefs, and rules, with new insight and knowledge. Grow your family to be healthy and resilient and learn how to overcome past difficulties with new wisdom. 

Consultation Services

We offer expert consultation on the following topics: 

  • Behavioral Assessment

  • Modification Plans

  • Caregiver Coaching

  • Behavioral Health Program Design, implementation, and evaluation

Couples Therapy

Learn with your partner about happiness and how to achieve it together. Gain skills to manage conflict and improve communication. Explore past history with an eye on the future and develop a plan to return hope and contentment to each partner's life. 

Evaluation and Assessments

Written Assessments and Evaluations are often requested by insurance companies, employers, schools, medical providers, or government agencies to determine what is happening to a persons mental health, and to describe and determine if there are impairments or lasting effects.  

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