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Cost of Treatment

Cost of Treatment

Wise Psychology is a group practice of Psychologists that set their own rates for therapy. 

The cost of treatment can be different depending on the type of treatment that you would like and which therapist you are seeing.


Your therapist will discuss their rates with you during the initial free consultation. 


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Insurance Reimbursement

Wise Psychology does not currently take insurance for payment and our therapists are considered "Out-of-network" by insurance companies. 


If you have a PPO or POS health insurance plan, it is possible to get back partial reimbursement for out-of-network services.

See our Guide below for more information


Guide for Submitting Claims for Reimbursement

A good resource to understanding "Out-of-Network" Benefits can be found on the American Psychological Association Website:

Guide to out of network benefits

Wise Psychology uses "Simple Practice" which is an electronic health record and billing system. Simple Practice will keep track of when you have appointments, give you access to your therapy notes and history, and bill you for services. 

Your therapist can use Simple Practice to generate a "Superbill" which you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. Please keep in mind that most insurance companies will only pay a portion of the therapy fees and only after you have met a certain deductible. For this reason, the initial investment in therapy should be considered and discussed with your therapist.  

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