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I'm Dr. Jeffery Sammis a Licensed Clinical Psychologist.


I help people overcome trauma and develop ways to feel whole again. If you feel that worries and sadness are overwhelming you, therapy can help you regain a sense of control and balance. 

Therapy will be a safe space to tell your story and learn new ways to move and grow into the person you want to be. Come learn skills, gain insight, and transform your story into something better. 

Everyone deserves to feel whole and complete, lets help you get there.   

Clinical Psychologist, License CA PSY25029

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My Specialties and Approach to Therapy.

Therapy is your time. 

Most everyone has a goal in life to be happy but when troubles in life happen, people often find that it gets harder to manage how they feel and happiness feels harder to find. 

Feeling stuck and losing hope are signs that its time to invest in yourself and learn how to move forward towards happiness again. Therapy can help. 

In therapy, you will tell your story. It is unique to you and filled with emotion and thoughts that make you who you are. It may feel scary to tell that story, it may feel overwhelming to imagine letting your guard down to express your true thoughts but you deserve a safe space to do so.

  • If you feel overwhelmed, therapy will teach you powerful techniques to regain a sense of control. 

  • If you feel sad and depressed, therapy carves out time to let yourself grieve so that you can move forward again.

  • Anger and Anxiety can teach you a lot about what is important to you if you can look at it in a healthy way; therapy can do that. 

  • Trauma will transform you, weather you want it to or not. Therapy can help you regain control so that you transform into what you want, rather than what you fear. 

I am a trained Narrative, Cognitive Behavioral, Psychodynamic and Transformational therapist with over 20 years of experience seeing patients that have struggled with diverse challenges. 


Give me a call for a free consultation to talk about your struggle and how I can help.  


Set up an appointment

If you would like to discuss treatment options and meet with me for a free consultation, click the link and request an appointment. 

Main line for appointments: 415-226-6154

Dr Sammis Direct: 415-373-6422

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